Past Presidents.

            Jim Logue,  David Murray,  David McMaster,  David Ramsay,
              Bobby Ashe, Tommy Scade,  Billy Graham, George Duncan,
                      Alex Morrison,  Archie Hollinsworth, Stuart McFarlane
                  Alistiar McFarlane. David McDowall

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    January 23rd a group of Ranges supporters held a meeting in the Bramalea Legion 609 to
    discuss the idea of forming a Rangers Supporters Club in Bramalea, after some discussion
    it was agreed that there was enough interest in forming a new club.  The new club was
    formed and would be called the Bramalea Glasgow Rangers supporters club with 19 charter
    The next challenge for the newly formed club was to select and vote on a new club
    executive and a committee. The first executive was elected by the members:

    President:................. Jim Logue.   
    Vice President......... John James.     
    Secretary:................. Alec Morrison.
    Committe .................. ?

    The first priority for the new membership was to find a location where the membership could
    hold a weekly social gathering for the new members.
    After some searching the  Ebenezer Hall on Gore Road was chosen as temporary location
    for the Saturday social get together, a letter was sent out by the club's Secretary (Alec
    Morrison) informing the new membership that the first official meeting would be held on
    Saturday April 6th and thanking the members for making the club's first dance a success
    which was held on March 22nd.
    The meeting was brought to order by its new President John Logue
    and it's committee .
    As the membership started to grow  it became apparent that a new and bigger club premises
    was going to have to be found, so a second location was found at the Masonic Hall in
    Brampton  ( Queen street and #10) where members could meet on Saturday's,  the first
    meeting at the new location was held on September 21st 1985,  as the word got out about
    the new Rangers club the membership grew to 65 + 3 life members by December.
    A club would not be a club if it did not have it's own crest.
    In the second year the membership was asked to submit a design for a club crest ; five
    designs were submitted, the membership's final choice was the one that was designed by
    John Dick.  
    The design was given to Jimmy Nimmo who was given the task of getting the paper design
    into a wall crest  which is now on display at
    the club.  
    The crest has been photographed many times with members and visitors wanting their
    photograph with the crest in the background.

    Some of the members had been watching  curling on television and thought  "I CAN DO
    THAT"  so the Bramalea Rangers  curling league  was started at the Chingaucousy Curling
    club on Sunday mornings,
    the game started at 9am along with the heavy heads from the night before, after the game
    was over  the post mortem's would begin and would go on into the late afternoon or when
    the Drambuie ran out at
    the curling club.

    A third premises was found for the membership at 185 Advanced Boulevard Unit #1 in
    Brampton where the members could meet for televised games, dominoes and social events.
    The club had its first bar with a fridge that did not have to be dismantled each time the club
    was closed.
    Two members became the regular barmen  Jack Clinton  and Bobby Gemmell.
    Jack was well know for giving you his opinion (can't print them) to matters that he did not
    agree with I think he was doing just that in one
    of  the images.
    Bobby Gemmell for his sense of humour and jokes.

    Both are now sadly missed by the membership.

    As the membership continued to grow  it was  becoming more aware that the club needed
    a larger unit for the members.
    The executive did not have to look too far two units next door were available so a lease was
    signed at 185 Advance Boulevard. unit #2
    The official ribbon cutting ceremonies were attended by several guests, Television
    personalities  Dick Howard (TSN),   Susan Gordon  (Country Canada),  Rangers player S.
    Nesbitt and Brampton Councillor Rhoda Begley.
    The Club's President George Duncan and the past presidents were present in the ribbon
    cutting ceremonies at the entrance of the new club.

    The club hosted the N.A.R.S.A. Convention June 3rd to June 6th at the PEAR TREE HOTEL
    on Dixon Rd Toronto and at the club.
    Club President Alex Morrison, the executive along with Convention Committee which was
    headed up by Tommy Jolly put a lot of time and effort into making  this a very successful
    The golf tournament was held at  Glen Eagles Golf Course in Bolton. Former Toronto Maple
    hockey player Jim McKenney  was the M.C. for the tournament.  Rangers and Scotland
    Captain  Eric Caldow  was the honouree guest for the convention he had his photograph
    taken with many supporters who had seen him play.
    The banquet M.C. at the hotel was BBC Scotland's football correspondent Chick Young.
    Chick is well know in Scotland for his  interviews of football personnel at SPL and Scotland
    international games.
               The club hosted it second N.A.RS.A convention and many visitors stated that it was
                             one of the best convention they had attended.

                                The league  which is still going strong to this date, the league games start in
    November  and finish in April.
    At the end of the season the league holds an award night when the curling was still going
    strong the domino and curling leagues combined both leagues to have their awards night  
    at the curling club.
    The domino award nights are now held at the club.
    Long time league convener Billy Graham passed away in December 07, A new domino
    league championship plague in the name of Billy  (The Billy Graham Memorial Plague) was
    present to this years winners George Duncan and Bobby Evans by Margaret Graham
    (Maggie) son John and daughter Megan.

                  When the Golfing season begins in early spring the golfing enthusiasts in the club
    are ready to get out on the links and hit the wee ball.
    Throughout the summer the club holds various golfing events.

    The weekly nine hole game at Mayfield.

    The annual club championship.

    Ryder cup tournament.......... (Bramalea  Club  v  Cambridge True Blues)

    Ran/Cel tournament ...............(Bramalea Rangers v  Bramalea Celtic)

    The annual Ran/Cel tournament which is held in August at Mayfield golf course with
    approximately 80 to 100 player's, the football rivals join together on the golf course for a
    common cause.
    All proceeds from the tournament are donated to a charity.  
    Proceed from past tournaments were donated to The Children's aid society.
    At the 2008 tournament the golfers at each club voted to change the charity, the proceeds
    from the 2009 tournament will be donated to Dogs with wings.

    Each club takes a turn in hosting the dinner reception and presenting the trophy to the
    winning club.
    At the end of the day it is the charities who are the winners of this tournament.

    Myrtle Beach SC is were some of the members have been heading for several years in the
    fall and spring for their annual golfing fix in preparation for summer while we still have snow
    on the ground in Brampton.

                     The clubs annual picnic  is held at Eldorado conservation park  in Brampton.  Each
    year there seems to be more grand wains which tells you a little about the age of the
    membership, but regardless of age every one takes part in the games.

                                                                         The childrens Christmas party used be held at the club,
    but as the club membership grew  it became apparent that the club could not accommodate
    the growing number of children at the parties
    The Bramalea Legion was an ideal place to hold the parties for the children.

                          Throughout the years the club has had many visitors to the club, former
    Rangers Players, Television personalities, Entertainers , visitors from other supporters
    clubs and family friends of members.  
    The club to this day still prides its self in the fact that a visitor can always feel welcome at the

                            The club is open from Thursday ......12 noon to 7pm.
                                                                       Friday ............12 noon to close.
                                                                       Saturday .......12 noon to 7pm.
                                                                       Sunday  ........ 2pm to 7pm.
    The club is also open for all live Rangers games which are posted on this web site or on the
    club's hot line.

    If you have some facts, dates of events,  photos or documentation which  would be of
    interest for the achieves page please send an email.
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