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15 Part-Time, Full-Time and Remote Yakima Positions to Apply For

15 Part-Time, Full-Time and Remote Yakima Positions to Apply For
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There are a lot of jobs available, it really depends on what you are looking for. From part-time to remote positions and everything in between there are a few items to always remember.

Don’t allow your lack of a GED or high school diploma to prevent you from applying. Ask on social media what’s on across the different local groups. Know that most job applications can be found online, and if the company is mostly digital, if you can’t find it, it probably isn’t for you.

YWCA Yakima

  • Hiring a Finance/Human Resources Manager. This person is responsible for the daily financial and accounting needs of the YWCA. Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or a related field, and two years of experience performing similar duties. For more information, contact Cheri at CV Welcome Letter of Interest

Mount of Olives childcare

  • Looking for a head teacher and part-time teacher. Call 509-966-2190, opening hours are between 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Yakima Valley Libraries

  • Sunnyside Library Assistant 2, 32-40 h. Apply online
  • Yakima Library Assistant 2, 40 hrs. Apply online

Sun Valley Equine Hospital

  • Looking for a full-time receptionist with the ability to work four days a week

Axle Care

  • We are looking for high quality HCA, NAC, and Nars providers. Apply at

burger king

Pizza Hut

The prestige of assisted living

  • They are located in Richland and they are looking for a full time Activities Assistant

Cemetery parking

76 gas stations

  • Located in Fruitvale, 40

Washington State Department of Transportation

monsoon fruit


  • Overnight storage room and more


  • Overnight stock room and more

safe road

  • Overnight stock room and more

Sundown M Ranch

Arcadia Medical Resort in Parkside

  • Day and night shifts are available, located in Union Gap, and they hire Nursing Staff, NACs, Housekeeping, and Food Aides! Communicate with the HR Manager Jess Smith for more information.

part time jobs

Ulta Beauty

  • beauty stylists
  • Benefit Arc Cosmetic Expert

red crab

Salah Schools Department

  • They hire sub ranger, bus drivers, paratroopers, and food service

Harbor Freight

remote positions

Skagit legal aid

  • Multilingual Communication Coordinator

DigiShopgirl Media

The list will continue to be updated as the week progresses, and if you want the list, feel free to reach out to us and let us help you!

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