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$2.9 Million Dollar Lottery Ticket Sold In Connecticut

$2.9 Million Dollar Lottery Ticket Sold In Connecticut
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It’s only a week and a half left until New Year’s Eve and Connecticut already has its newest millionaire.

It has so far been a very lucky year for a Connecticut resident. One ticket for the Tuesday (January 11) Connecticut Lotto Grand Prix has been sold out, and the lucky winner now takes home $2.9 million.

The winning ticket for the A1 Quick and Easy was sold out on Boston Post Road in Waterford. The lucky numbers achieved were 4-14-21-22-24-25 and the payouts were worth millions.

So far no winner has applied to claim the jackpot, but whoever wins has 180 days to claim their money. By the way, the store that sold the winning ticket will also get some cash. The commission on such a ticket will pay the owner an impressive amount of $ 10,000.

When it comes to Connecticut’s lucky winners, according to, the last time the state had a big Powerball winner was in June 2012 when a Seymour resident took home the $60 million jackpot. The state’s biggest-ever Powerball Jackpot winner returned in November 2011 when a Greenwich resident took home a $254 million jackpot.

Here are some of the other Greater Danbury area local winners so far in 2022.

On January 6, David Delia of Newtown received a $20,000 cash ticket. On the same day, January 6, Danbury’s Hanton Guerrero won $15,000 on a Play 4 Night ticket purchased at the Stop and Shop in Danbury.

Late December 2021 John Riley stops at Mill Plain Exxon in Danbury, takes 30X Cash 8th Edition, gets $10,000 and Eduardo Marques De Oliveira of Danbury wins $10,000 on a $100,000 Cashword 11 ticket he bought in White Street Getty, and Danbury’s Mario Fragomelli won $16,263 on a Play 4 Night ticket purchased at Jimmy’s Market in Danbury.

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