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3 Ways to Seize the Amazon Honeymoon Period and Launch a Winning Product

3 Ways to Seize the Amazon Honeymoon Period and Launch a Winning Product
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It is widely known that 40 percent of new product launches fail. This data point has held true since the 1970s. But that was before the rise of Today, the giant online retail marketplace lists nearly 350 million products. Competition is fierce and many brands can expect failure.

However, Amazon offers new sellers a crucial advantage. It’s called the “honeymoon” period – an unspoken time frame that opens the door for new products to rank highly, and most importantly, stay high.

While you may be tempted to slow down the rollout of your product to test consumer response, slow progress in launching an Amazon product wastes this hidden and valuable feature.

How does the honeymoon period work in Amazon?

Amazon doesn’t release information about this period, but we do know that it’s a 30 to 90 day window in which a retailer awards a brand or new product an unfair organic rank. It’s unfair because your brand has not yet “earned” a place on that first page of search results. Amazon does this to test your click-through rate, conversion rate, reviews, etc. and determine where your brand deserves to rank in its seller system.

This creates an opportunity. If you can improve on the factors that Amazon tests, your product will likely retain this inflated state once the honeymoon is over.

Let’s look at the three best practices to use to successfully launch new products on Amazon:

1. Start with A+ content.

Enhanced content will differentiate your brand, inform purchase decisions, and help Amazon determine if you have a right to beat other brands.

Start by searching for keywords. Tools like Helium10 and Jungle Scout can help you research what consumers are searching for, which keywords are competitive, where you are eligible to win, and the sales metrics you need to rank for those terms. Incorporate these terms into your page copy, specifically page titles.

Next, enhance the A+ bottom line content. This content should aim to delight, interact, tell your brand story and give your customers an unforgettable shopping experience.

Visually showcase your product and brand with rich graphics, lifestyle photos, videos and attractive thumbnails. Pair it with an informative and concise copy. Keyword-rich text overlays on your images can succinctly convey a product’s features and benefits.

2. Get positive feedback early.

Since the honeymoon period is short, getting early and positive reviews is crucial

There are many legitimate ways to ask for feedback. The Amazon Vine program operated by Amazon, in which “professional” Amazon reviewers receive a product for free in exchange for a review, can help you secure your first 30 reviews. A word of caution: These reviewers may not be people who naturally search for your product, and their reviews can be overly enthusiastic. If your product has great market appeal, then Vine might be right for you.

Other options include tools like Feedback Five, Feedback Whiz, or Amazon’s “Request a Review” feature.

3. Raise your profile with ads.

The final pillar of your honeymoon strategy is a solid advertising plan focused on keyword targeting. As search results pages are increasingly occupied by paid advertisements, you need to find opportunities to beat the competition in the long run.

Do extensive research to determine which terms you are entitled to win and how many units you need to sell to rank for that term. Focus on the long or medium terms that differentiate your brand from the competition.

As momentum increases and conversion rate increases, the Amazon algorithm will increase the organic ranking of your product. You can then invest at a higher volume and on competitive terms.

Don’t let your Amazon honeymoon period go to waste

To compete in a market as vast as Amazon, you can’t beat the “field of dreams” mentality – the idea that “if you build it, it will come.” Just because a product is listed does not mean it will sell.

The Amazon honeymoon period is your window of opportunity to improve your product launch. Don’t let it go to waste.

Shawn Lee is Chief Marketing Officer at Amify, a managing, strategic and operational partner who helps brands achieve success on Amazon.

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