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40% of Amazon’s Revenue Comes from Affiliate Marketing: Dekh Releases Report

40% of Amazon's Revenue Comes from Affiliate Marketing: Dekh Releases Report
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Affiliate Marketing Guide by Dekh

Affiliate marketing is a $3 billion industry

Affiliate marketing has become a $3 billion business, but no one knows that online retailers like Amazon make close to 40% of their revenue through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a company rewards its affiliates by compensating for increased sales/leads.

Dekh has released a new report that explains the ins and outs of affiliate marketing from a merchant and affiliate perspective.

Amazon recorded sales of over $60 billion in 2012-13. Which shows that affiliate marketing has played a huge role in their business. Interestingly enough, Amazon was one of the first players in the affiliate marketing game.

Over 900,000 affiliates work on the Amazon affiliate program and earn 4%-25% per sale. Diversified compensation depends on several factors such as: product sold, product category, past performance.

Aside from Amazon, Netflix, Groupon, Best Buy, and many other major online retailers have used affiliate programs to increase their bottom line.

There are many affiliate networks like CJ, Shareasale, LinkShare, Dekh etc. which offer affiliate company.

This 5,000+ word report explains why online merchants need to incorporate the power of affiliates into their business and how affiliates can generate more revenue with a structured approach.

Blogging, reviews, SEO and social media are still the top 4 strategies that affiliates use to generate revenue.

CPL (Cost Per Lead) remains the leading compensation model used by SaaS merchants. CPL stands for fixed return for all major affiliates sent to merchants.

For more information and detailed analysis on affiliate marketing, please read the report.

Dekh is a platform for online merchants to start an affiliate program. It also pairs as an affiliate marketing community with discussions, learning, and tools to empower and engage merchants and affiliates.

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