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9 of the best affiliate programs for making money in Australia

9 of the best affiliate programs for making money in Australia
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Looking to make money online in Australia? These are the nine affiliate programs you need to bookmark.

sponsored by Fiverr . subsidiaries. From video editing to SEO and more than 500 other services – Fiverr has everything a business needs. And if it has Fiverr, you can earn from it! Earn up to $150 for first-time referred buyers and up to $1000 per sale.

If you are a blogger, influencer, or run a popular Facebook page, affiliate partnerships are one of the easiest ways to make money online. Join an affiliate program, then put revenue-generating links into your content for readers to click on.

There are many ways to share affiliate content with users. Some of the tried and tested methods include posting guides about retailers or their products, reporting on new product launches, sharing links with your email database, creating deal content for big shopping events, and promoting brands to your social media followers.

Whatever strategy you ultimately use, the key is to include external links for a potential financial transaction. Every time the reader presses that buy button, You are Get a portion of the profits. And you can tell your community that they help support the content you create.

1. Fiverr affiliate

The Fiverr platform connects businesses of all sizes with skilled freelancers, offering digital services in over 500 categories from digital design to content creation, music editing, animation, photography, and more. This wide range of services should help you find something useful to promote to your audience and followers. As a Fiverr affiliate partner, you earn a commission for any first time buyer you refer to Fiverr. Fiverr Affiliates has over 300,000 registered affiliates, which is a testament to its profitability.

How it works:

  1. Join the Fiverr Affiliates Program via a free registration form.
  2. Choose the commission plan that best suits your needs. For Fiverr Marketplace referrals, Fiverr CPA (CPA) The commission plan pays between $15 and $150, depending on the category of Freelancer being promoted. the Hybrid Fiverr The plan pays $10 for all categories and a further 10% revenue share on the value of recurring purchases for a year. Revenue share depends on the job, but the potential is up to $1,000. There are other Fiverr products that will entitle you to a revenue sharing commission, such as Learn from Fiverr, Fiverr Business, and Fiverr Workspace.
  3. I recommend Fiverr services / freelancers / gigs that you love with your audience. There are dedicated tutorials and hookups for each channel: websites, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Learn more about the Fiverr Affiliates Program.

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon hosts one of the largest affiliate programs, with over 900,000 members worldwide. It allows partners to earn money by recommending products from the market. Additionally, you can earn commissions by enrolling customers in free trials of eligible services, such as Amazon Prime.

How it works:

  1. Sign up to become an Amazon partner.
  2. Recommend products to your audience. There are dedicated linking tools for large publishers, individual bloggers, and social media influencers.
  3. Earn up to 12% in affiliate commissions on eligible purchases and programs.

3. eBay Partner Network

Similar to Amazon Associates, the eBay Partner Network allows you to earn money by increasing traffic and sales to the eBay marketplace. Any traffic that leads to a sale can earn you a commission, which means you don’t need to direct your readers to a specific product to get paid. Your earnings increase with every eligible sale.

How to start:

  1. Choose an affiliate model on the eBay partner network.
  2. Integrate your mobile, web, and/or social platforms with eBay’s global inventory.
  3. Earn money when users buy eBay products through your platform.

4. Commission Factory

Commission Factory is an affiliate marketing network that allows you to generate revenue with a wide range of brands. Some of the brands that fall under the Commission Factory umbrella include Catch, Bing Lee, lululemon, and MyDeal.

There are over 600 retailers on its factory network, making it easy to promote brands and products that readers will be interested in. You can generate revenue every time a reader makes a purchase through a link you’ve shared.

How to start:

  1. Apply for a Commission Factory affiliate account.
  2. Share your traffic sources with the Commission Factory for approval.
  3. Start earning commissions on the sales you generate.

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5. Partnership

If Partnerize’s sales data can be believed, it currently pays more than $600 million in annual commissions to affiliate partners. It works with brands like THE ICONIC, Dan Murphy’s, Marley Spoon, and Adore Beauty and Appliances Online, making it a good choice for retail bloggers.

How to start:

  1. Fill out the online form to become a partner.
  2. Use the Brand Finder to find brands and campaigns that are relevant to your readers.
  3. Upon the customer’s approval, earn commissions instantly on the indicated transactions.

6. specializes in matching brands to a reader’s specific preferences, whether it’s retail, travel, beauty, fitness, or financial services. Some of the brands that work with include adidas, Levi’s, HSBC, Lenovo, L’Oréal, Goop and StockX.

The service also boasts a Product Marketplace that makes it easy to find products to post about. Simply copy and paste a snippet of the HTML code to the link you are promoting to enable payment tracking.

How to start:

  1. Register to join’s Affiliate Marketplace.
  2. Start connecting directly with brands through the platform.
  3. Withdraw funds on a specific day each month or when your balance reaches a certain limit.

7. Owen

Awin’s global affiliate marketing network targets publishers of all sizes, making it a good choice for bloggers who are just starting out. In 2020, it was responsible for generating $1.4 billion in commissions directly into subsidiaries’ coffers.

According to Awin, its affiliate partners get paid faster and more consistently than many affiliate networks. This is because commissions are processed instantly regardless of whether there is a delay from the advertiser. Available advertisers include Michael Kors, Tripadvisor, AliExpress, The Book Depository, Gymshark, GHD, Etsy, and more.

How it works:

  1. Join the Awin Network.
  2. Connect with the right brands for advertisers and start sharing links.
  3. Start earning commissions from sales.

8. CJ

With over 600 partner brands, CJ (formerly Commission Junction) is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks in the world. It claims to host twice as many US 500 largest online retailers (brand IR500) as its nearest competitor, generating more than $16 billion annually. Network staff can recommend brands based on your region, distribution model, vertical size and business.

How it works:

  1. Register to become a CJ Partner.
  2. Start introducing your audience to relevant products and services.
  3. Get paid in more than 150 currencies.

9. Rakuten Advertising

In addition to consumer shopping sites, Rakuten also operates an extensive affiliate network for publishers. Like the other networks mentioned in this list, it allows you to quickly monetize your site’s content by connecting relevant brands and products to your readers. Brand partners include ASOS, Chemist Warehouse, HP, Princess Polly, Forever New, First Choice Liquor and many more.

How it works:

  1. Sign up for a free account.
  2. Connect your audience with world famous brands.
  3. Get paid to monetize your digital content.

About affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can help you earn money by referring products and services to customers via your blog, website or social media channels. The affiliate site will give you a custom link to place on your various sites. Every time a sale is made through this link, you earn a small portion of the profit.

Drive traffic through an email list, social media channel, or your website and earn commissions when you sell the products or services you link to.

Fiverr is an online freelance platform that connects businesses with freelance talent. Fiverr . subsidiaries Earn for referring first time buyers to Fiverr. Earn up to $150 for your first purchase or up to $1000 for every sale.

Do you need more tips to make money? Check out our complete guide to starting a blog and our huge database of 20 ways to make money online.

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