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Amazon Affiliate New Commission Rates From 21 April, 2020

Amazon Affiliate New Commission Rates From 21 April, 2020
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Starting April 21, Amazon partners, who integrate publishers and influencers, will see lower commissions from affiliate link sales on a few product item categories.

Since many affiliate marketers are making money from Amazon affiliate marketing, but the little bad news for them is that Amazon has announced a lower commission rate.

The Amazon Associates program is set to cut commission rates for furniture and home improvement items from 8% to 3% and essential items to just 1%, down from 5%.

Regular stuff ratings will be hit hard, with commission rates dropping to just 1% at grocery, health, and personal care stores and Amazon Fresh.

The changes in the item category price are as follows:

Furniture, home, home improvement, lawn and gardens, pet products, and pantry will rise from 8% to 3%.

Earphones, cosmetics, musical instruments, business and industrial supplies will rise from 6% to 3%.

Outside, the tools will be chipped from 5.5% to 3%.

Shares of sports and children’s products will rise from 4.5% to 3%.

Wellbeing and personal care will drop from 5% to 1%.

Amazon Fresh will only be slashed from 3% to 1%, too.

Below is a chart of the current price structure:


The price cuts are just one of the changes taking place in Amazon’s affiliate programs.

Not any middle man:

Amazon removes all third-party affiliate partners that assist them in promoting Amazon products. Now, Amazon deals directly with the publisher.

Large affiliate partner such as Skimlinks and Sovrn will not cooperate with Amazon.

Amazon already has direct relationships with thousands of publishers since they started an affiliate program.

stop covid-19 virus

High buyer demand has fully emphasized Amazon’s satisfaction capabilities.

This strain has taken its toll on Amazon merchants, many of whom have needed to hold back from advertising the items due to a lack of stock.

Likewise, Amazon has delayed direct partner programs with distributors, for example, BuzzFeed and Vox, the information indicated.

Affiliate Trends:

Affiliate campaigns for casual wear – T-shirts and yoga pants – are outperforming other categories during this time as more people are now working from home, according to data from Keywee, a content distribution platform.

Keep track of family and home categories, driven by pet toys and kids safety products online.

“all of these [campaigns] “It has been wrapped in a very positive campaign tone and message, with emoji, for example, becoming more prevalent compared to other types of paid distribution campaigns,” said Inbar Yagur, Head of Product Marketing at Keywee, in an email.

Why do we care:

Segments can be a blow to distributors, influencers, and creators who rely on Amazon’s revenue streams when subsidized income from articles and ads evaporates.

I hope to see the Crusades move into item categories with higher commission rates.

Amazon has not commented on whether the coronavirus pandemic has taken on a job educating the new rate structure. The organization started taking some junk items from FBA sellers back into its stores.

In March, Amazon briefly stopped receiving shipments of non-critical items due to a flood of interest in family staples and other essential item categories as the coronavirus episode in the United States declined.

However, if you have more traffic or if you are able to generate more traffic on your site, then affiliate marketing is still good for making money online.

Many category products still have a good commission rate so you can try out those particular category products.

good luck 🙂

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