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Amazon has plans in Northwest Arkansas

Amazon has plans in Northwest Arkansas
Written by publishing team intends to open a warehouse in northwest Arkansas, according to publicly available documents.

It will be the first foray into the backyard of Walmart Inc.’s global tech and streaming retailer. , one of its main competitors, and the fastest growing segment in the state.

An affiliate of Seattle-based Services LLC has received permits from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to operate a “general warehousing and storage” facility at 315B S. Lincoln St. in the city of Benton County in Lowell.

The permits were approved September 9, according to the records, which were accessed through an online database maintained by the department.

The address is the site of a 24.7-acre property owned since 2015 by Rogers Warehouse Development LLC, according to the Benton County Resident Office. It is located approximately 12 miles from Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville.

The LLC’s registration papers in the office of Arkansas Secretary Bill McClard and Crossland Holdings Co. list as directors.

Until recently, McClard, senior vice president and CEO at Lindsey & Associates, the residential and commercial real estate company, was on a team that has been marketing the property Amazon is converting for use.

McClard declined to comment and referred any questions about the property to Mattie Crossland, director of Crossland Realty. She did not return a phone call Tuesday afternoon.

The property has a 100,000-square-foot warehouse with nine “high doors”, three “interior doors” and 6 acres of “yard space” built in 2004. It has been listed in several commercial property databases since July 2020. However, These listings have been withdrawn.

The size of the warehouse indicates that it is positioned as a “last mile” delivery center. Fulfillment centers prepare customer orders, which are then delivered in bulk to a “last mile” delivery center. There, orders are picked up by delivery vans to deliver final deliveries to customers’ doorsteps.

It will be the third such facility in the state. Amazon has one in Little Rock to serve the Sortable Fulfillment Center in Little Rock Port and the other in Mammel, which serves the Sortable Fulfillment Center in North Little Rock. Unsortable products sold by Amazon or third-party sellers are usually bulky items such as hardware.

Amazon is building its logistics network to ensure more and more customers in its loyalty club, Prime, get their goods the day after they order them.

Crossland Construction has obtained a building permit from Lowell’s risk mitigation division, according to a person who answered the phone Tuesday afternoon.

An Amazon spokesperson was not immediately able to explain the plans, the Arkansas Blog, an online news and opinion site, reported Tuesday.

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