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Amazon is having a sale on the Apple AirPods 3 today

Amazon is having a sale on the Apple AirPods 3 today
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Even though Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are behind us, Apple continues to drop music deals on our ears. The all-new AirPods 3 are now $149.99 from Amazon Prime, their lowest price yet.

It wouldn’t be a real update without sound quality improvements. These earbuds are newly equipped with an adaptive equalizer that automatically adjusts the music to your ears. This means that they do a better job of not distorting the sound at a higher volume level, and the bass comes out more smoothly than listening to music with a cheaper headphone. They also have a new wind noise reduction feature, so if you’re cruising through town on your bike or driving from top to bottom, the sound is still trapped. It’s worth noting that the earpiece design is open, so unlike AirPods Pro which have closed adjustable silicone tips, sound can still leak (albeit minimally).

AirPods 3 also have spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, making sound all around you. This is a particularly neat feature for Group Facetime calls. If you’re having a three-way video chat with one person on the left side of your screen and another on the right, your AirPods will create virtual surround sound, so when the person on your left speaks, the audio will appear more prominently in your left ear versus your right ear when the other participant rings. Apple has already included dedicated Full HD audio for Facetime to improve usability for everyday communications.

Another noteworthy change is the improved battery life of up to six hours instead of five hours on a single charge, and four additional charges in the charging case. AirPods 3 support wireless charging and are compatible with MagSafe (but they can still charge via a lightning cable for those beyond the age).

If you are guilty of missing AirPods, you are not alone. Apple has improved its Find My feature with proximity display to find lost headphones more accurately, even if they’re unplugged from the case. It’s also water- and sweat-resistant (IPX4) to take the worry out of damaging the pods during workouts or on the go with a splash of rain. This version also has a new skin detection feature to distinguish when the ear piece is in your ear versus your pocket.

Overall, AirPods 3 are more compact and lightweight than previous generations, and have a host of new features like compatibility with Siri voice commands. Grab a pair for yourself or a loved one this holiday season while they’re still on sale. Remember to apply the coupon at checkout to get an extra $20 off!

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