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Are Black Friday Deals Online Yet? A Beginner’s Guide…

Are Black Friday Deals Online Yet? A Beginner’s Guide…
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Black Friday comes but only once a year and it’s a great time to pick out a bunch of merchandise or servers for less money. But are Black Friday deals only available online? Or you can get it on Main Street, too?

Black Friday is a sales event. It goes back decades. Previously a phenomenon only in the United States, Black Friday has now become a global thing, thanks to the advent of the Internet and global shopping portals such as Amazon and eBay.

As with most things in life, the vast majority of people do their online shopping on Black Friday Via places like Amazon, B&H Photo, Best Buy, and Currysand other major retailers. But that doesn’t mean you have to shop online on Black Friday.

Are Black Friday Deals Online?

In the spirit of capitalism, quite a few retailers started things early. Amazon continues to launch Mini Sale Events & Deals. You can already have it Huge savings on VPNs Before 26 too.

similarly, B&H Photo has a live deals section now. You can save hundreds of dollars on all kinds of items from phones to camera accessories and iPads, as well as lighting stands and cables.

And if you’re a Samsung fan, it gives email subscribers early access to Black Friday 2021 deals – You can register and access it here. Samsung is also worth checking out; It makes phones, tablets, televisions, things like washing machines and wearables. They also always have really great deals on Black Friday.

However, most people will keep it locked to Amazon. And if that sounds like you, Amazon’s Black Friday – a page with all of its current deals – It can be found here. They include lighting deals and flash sales, so Keep this page as a reference So you don’t miss anything.

Black Friday deals are not only online

Now that COVID is on the hook and people are socializing and back to normal, Main Street is starting to pick up again. And come Black Friday, there will be plenty of Black Friday sales on every major street in the US, UK and most of Europe.

If you live near a mall (or mall), shopping district, or retail park, this is probably your best bet for getting Black Friday deals once things get going. White Friday 2021 takes place on Friday 26 November.

Online vs High Street – which is the most popular

According to data from Statista, during Black Friday 2020 – amid lockdowns and COVID – it’s no surprise that the vast majority of people did all their online shopping on Black Friday (58% vs. 8%).

Given what was happening in the world, this 8% figure is understandable. But it’s still significantly higher than in 2019 when only 3% of people ventured into stores during Black Friday 2019.

In 2020, about 34% of UK punters surveyed did a bit, so they accessed and fetched deals online and in stores. Only 8% did physical shopping in stores, while the Lion – 58% – did their online shopping on Black Friday. Again, given the circumstances, this is perfectly understandable.

Interestingly, fewer people shopped online during Black Friday 2020 than in 2019 (58% vs. 70%, respectively). And more people did less online and in-store shopping than in 2019 (26% vs 34%, respectively).

This Black Friday is supposed to see a huge rise in the number of people buying things in stores on the high streets, thanks to the removal of restrictions in most of the developed world, including the US, UK and the vast majority of Europe.

Here is a list of all the major retailers to look at on Black Friday…

amazon black friday deals

Get amazing deals on everything from phones, wearables, TVs, kitchen appliances, clothes, wine, and just about everything else…

Samsung black friday offers

Shop a huge selection of phones, tablets, wireless headphones, TVs and more. If you need a new phone or a new TV, these Black Friday deals can’t be missed.

Three Black Friday offers on mobile

Whether you’re looking for a new phone, a new SIM only plan, or 5G broadband, Three has you covered for all eventualities on Black Friday…

B&H Black Friday Photo Deals

Get massive discounts on iPads, cameras, camera accessories, phones, earphones, and tablets. Huge savings. Excellent shipping times.

Gazelle Black Friday Deals

The #1 place to buy refurbished iPhones, MacBooks, iMacs and iPads. And Gazelle has some amazing deals this Black Friday – like 40% off and more…

PureVPN Black Friday Deals

PureVPN is 100% unregistered and fast when used. It is one of our favorite VPNs at the moment. And with these Black Friday savings you’ll be up and running with your own subscription for virtually nothing…

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