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Dan Hollings Releases Final Version of The Plan – A New Crypto Bot Trading Program Allowing Anyone to Make Passive Income in Today’s Crypto Market

Dan Hollings Releases Final Version of The Plan - A New Crypto Bot Trading Program Allowing Anyone to Make Passive Income in Today's Crypto Market
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Dan Hollings has just released the final version of his cult show called The Plan. Hollings and the Rapid Crush team created the plan to allow anyone to generate passive income with cryptocurrency. With the plan, customers will learn how to set up automated crypto bots that generate instant cash flow within a minute or two of starting the bot.

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Hollings is an online marketing expert and Amazon expert. He has sold over $300 million on Amazon and authored several FBA courses. He runs AmazonWorks, an Amazon toolbox supplier, and has helped more than 20,000 Amazon sellers. Hollings has worked with celebrities, corporations, and entrepreneurs at Shark Tank and Amazon, and was the marketing genius behind the release of the multi-million dollar mega-book and movie “The Secret.”

The plan allows anyone to start investing in cryptocurrencies and make passive income in today’s crypto market. Crypto is a volatile investment, but with The Plan, money is made with volatility. It’s a brand new course from Rapid Crush that shows how to make money with crypto safely and easily. The scheme found a loophole in the cryptocurrency and revealed its secrets.

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The plan teaches participants how to convert their cash (fiat) into crypto and create crypto bots that make between $14-$200 per day, regardless of whether the price of the coin has gone up or down. The plan already has many success stories (in thousands) from clients in 104 different countries. When customers try The Plan and earn money within the first few minutes of doing so, they are addicted! Participants will learn everything they need to succeed with crypto bots during six training sessions.

In addition to the course, participants are supported by 32 experienced customer support agents who answer questions quickly and accurately. The working hours are also provided by experts who have run many crypto bots themselves. Participants can pre-submit questions and get answers on Zoom live calls. The team is well equipped and prepared to give customers the best experience they ever had to buy anything she recommended.

Hollings and Rapid Crush ran three rounds of beta testing to verify that the software worked for anyone before launching this final version of the plan. During the beta testing, each participant saw a return on investment by following the strategies and tips described in the training.

Usually, to make money from cryptocurrency trading, the strategy is to buy low and sell high. However, in the volatile crypto market, it is impossible to know how low the bottom will be and whether the price will remain stable. Since it is still in its infancy, there is still a lot that needs to happen for the market to stabilize. About 95 percent of people lose money in cryptocurrency simply by buying and selling at the wrong time.

With Hollings’ plan doing nothing with what he calls fluctuating profits, losses are greatly reduced because the plan takes advantage of fluctuations in the market. As long as there is volatility, it is possible to constantly make money regardless of whether the market is going up or down.

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Jason Vladlin, known as the $100 million webinar man, has risen to the top of many industries, including information products, software, training, consulting, speaking, and e-commerce. He is a co-founder of Rapid Crush and Chief Strategy Officer. The company holds the records for the largest affiliate marketing promotion in the online marketing space, generating $9.8 million in just eight days.

“A big part of our job is to find the best things that can help people make money,” Vladlin said. “If we feel they can be empowering, we support that.”

Fladlien said that hundreds of people submitted ideas about cryptocurrency to Rapid Crush, wanting the company to promote its products, but none of them were persuasive enough to invest in it. Nothing was right, ethical or moral to publish or promote. He didn’t even want to hear about anything to do with crypto or bitcoin.

However, Fladlien now believes that crypto is the future and that it is changing the market. It will come sooner than anyone thinks because about two billion adults in the world are unbanked, which means they do not have access to a traditional financial system. He also believes that he has found the best way to start investing in cryptocurrency through the scheme.

“Dan Hollings is the number one expert in using crypto bots. It’s not just about owning a bot. It’s about how you use bots,” Vladlin said. “There’s the setup, and then there’s the do nothing period where the money just flows in. Hollings is the best person in the world in this field. He has done more than 10,000 automations. There are other phases in the plan beyond this, but Hollings is the expert to turn to in order to create truly passive income.”

Nick Sasaki’s books Comprehensive review of the plan. He stated, “It is not a HODL strategy, it is not a way to buy low to sell high, and it will not make you look for “unicorns” that you hope will suddenly become super valuable. Instead, this takes advantage of a very interesting property of the crypto market (which It has always been and always will be) in a way that is underpinned by the essentials.”

One participant from the second experimental group said, “Why do I like the plan? Because I spend about five minutes setting up each robot, and everything is automated. In other words, it makes money without me touching it—even while I’m sleeping. In fact, I just like getting up and logging in to Bitsgap once every morning and at night just to watch it grow. That’s all my husband and I do with this! Well unless we want to add more bots we’ll spend another 5 minutes setting it up.”

The post shared its findings with the plan. One of the bots I built earned $327 in 21 days. Other bots that have been running for more than a month earned $777, $1028, $955, and $1,656 each. She stated that she loves to take profits and reinvest them in other bots.

“The plan is like a vending machine. Whenever a bot makes a transaction, you earn money just like someone buys a snack or a drink,” she added. “Most importantly, the profits you make from your bot are immediately available to you on the cryptocurrency exchange. This means that if you wish, you can use your profits as passive income to pay your daily expenses, invest in a business or reinvest in a crypto bot. Another robot like what Dan Hollings teaches in the plan.”

Another student in the beta also shared information about her experience with the plan, stating that one thing she loves about the plan is the set of rules and strategies provided you can set it up and then forget about it, although she joked that doing nothing was the hardest part.

A beta student was on the waiting list for special training from Hollings when she found out that she had been accepted into the first beta. By day 20 of the program, she had made $1,051 in profit, an increase of 10.33 percent. By day 25, she had made a profit of $1,525, a 10.02 percent increase over the initial investment.

(You can join The Plan on your own here)

“Based on my personal experience with this training, I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to get a better return on their investment or knows that crypto exists and wants to invest in crypto for the long term, with minimal risk, while taking advantage of the volatility in the cryptocurrency market. “.

The cost of Hollings private training is about $10,000. The plan costs $3,497 as a one-time payment or purchased in four installments of $997. For more information about the plan, Watch Dan Hollings’ free coding training here.

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