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How to Make Money on Pinterest

How to Make Money on Pinterest
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Many companies are already using Pinterest to indirectly promote their products and services. But Pinterest isn’t just a social media platform. There are also opportunities to earn money directly on the site. For those looking to increase their revenue online, here is a guide that teaches how to make money on Pinterest.

Can you make money on Pinterest?

There are plenty of opportunities to make money on Pinterest. Does Pinterest push payment tools like YouTube to some video creators? No, but if you use the site on purpose, you can still use it to improve your business or personal finance.

Pinterest works by allowing users to create Pins, which are usually images or videos with links to external sites. So if you can take advantage of these links, you can learn how to make money on Pinterest.

8 ways to make money with a Pinterest account

A successful Pinterest strategy only requires some planning. First, sign up for a Pinterest business account. Then think about how to direct other installers to your location or other destination where you can earn income. Here are some options to consider.

1. Become a virtual assistant for Pinterest

Pinterest virtual assistants run accounts for other users. Create and promote Pins and schedule content for brands. If you want to earn money as a Pinterest VA, create your own account to show your abilities. Then market your services on your website or contact your favorite brands to offer your services.

2. Include affiliate links in Pins

Pinterest affiliate marketing involves creating Pins that include a direct affiliate link to related products or services. When another user clicks on the link from your PIN, they will be directed to a site where they can purchase. If they do, you earn a commission from every sale. Sign up as an affiliate with your favorite brands and sprinkle affiliate links with other content of value to your audience.

3. Partnership with brands

You can also partner directly with brands to promote their products or services for Shopable Ideas Pins. This strategy generally requires that you already have a lot of followers and traffic on your Pins. To monetize Pinterest this way, create prices that you’ll charge brands for individual Pins and other content.

4. Provide Pinterest Consulting Services

If you have experience creating your own successful Pinterest strategy, consider offering Pinterest consulting services to other brands. First, you need to prove that you can promote your website using the visual search engine. Then market to other Pinterest users who are looking to make money using their Pinterest strategies.

5. Drive traffic to your e-commerce website

If you sell physical products, Pinterest can be a perfect way to bring in more sales. Create Pins that include images and links to your products. Then, your Pins can increase brand awareness and bring more interested buyers to your site.

6. Drive traffic to your blog

Similarly, bloggers can use Pinterest to increase traffic. This increases blogging income if you use sponsored posts or affiliate links to monetize your site. The more visitors you bring through Pinterest, the higher your chances of running a profitable and successful blog.

7. Sell Pinterest Templates

Many Pinterest users rely on the site to drive traffic to online content or products. Certain types of images and design elements are more likely to work well on a site. For example, many eye-catching pins include an image with text over it. Your templates may include the basic formatting of these images. So your customers can simply insert their photos and addresses.

8. Teaching Pinterest Marketing

If you are a Pinterest professional, teach your strategies to other online business owners for a fee. Launch your own website and create an online course with different modules. You can even include it with content about social media platforms or other marketing strategies.

How to make more money from your Pinterest business account

Once you decide how to make money on Pinterest using your unique strategy, the work isn’t finished. You need to create consistent content and market your Pins regularly. These tips may help you reach more users and thus earn more money.

Find your own place

A focused Pinterest account is more likely to attract dedicated followers. For example, you can focus on DIY content, fashion or home decor. Do some keyword research to find the most relevant terms to include.

Fill in your profile on Pinterest

When you sign up for a Pinterest business account, you can create a name, description, and links. These should include relevant keywords and help you attract relevant followers. For example, a novice blogger might describe their blogging journey in the description to attract like-minded bloggers.

Optimizing Pinterest SEO

Pinterest users often find content through Google or the Pinterest search bar. So include relevant keywords on your profile and every pin description. Browse popular content in your niche for ideas.

Find your target audience

Your target audience can influence how you market to users on the site. For example, you can customize content for professional bloggers, stay-at-home moms, or new homeowners. Look at your blog’s niche or the demographics of your existing customers to narrow this down.

Increase your followers on Pinterest

Using Pinterest is different from other social platforms in that it depends only on followers for traffic. But the more followers you have, the more likely people are to come across your content. Increase followers by interacting with other users and connecting people to your profile.

Join the group boards

Pinterest also offers group boards where multiple Pinterest accounts can upload content. Many of these have a lot of followers due to the consistency of the content. Join some in your niche to increase your reach.

Sign up for an affiliate program

If you want to make money on Pinterest using affiliate marketing, you will need your unique referral link. Sites like Amazon, RewardStyle, and ShareASale welcome online influencers to share their referral link on Pins.

Pinterest Analytics Search

Once you set up your Pinterest account, keep an eye on the stats to see what works best. If a particular type of pin consistently performs better than others, focus on that style of content from now on.

Launch your website

Your website can help you make money with physical or digital products. Or you can monetize through ads or through an affiliate relationship there. And Pinterest is a free tool that can increase traffic.

Promote Pins on other social media sites

If you already have a lot of followers on other social platforms, take advantage of them on Pinterest as well. Link to your account, Pins or individual boards regularly to increase followers and engagement.

How many followers do you need to make money on Pinterest?

You don’t need 1 million followers to make money on Pinterest. In fact, anyone who embeds affiliate links in their pins or offers products on their website can make money online using the strategies mentioned earlier. However, the amount of money you make can be affected by your followers and engagement. Those with at least a few thousand followers are more likely to bring in affiliate income or have social capital to partner with brands.

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