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How to watch live NBC Sports

How to watch live NBC Sports
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A guide to watching NBC Sports in broadcast, cable, and live video.

Denver – It’s no surprise that the ever-expanding and ever-changing viewing options for your favorite NBC Sports programs are all around you. This guide should help you decide which option is best for your sports watching experience.

>> Sunday Night Football Broadcast on NBC

The live sports events carried by NBC Sports are very extensive and include: NFL, NHL, NBA, Olympics, Soccer, NASCAR, MOTORS, National Dog Show, golf, cycling, skiing, rugby, horses and more.

Free option

The first thing to know is that 9NEWS, KUSA-TV is a local NBC affiliate in Denver and several other areas in Colorado. 9NEWS also broadcasts programs in parts of Wyoming and Nebraska. If you plug a smart TV or streaming device like a Roku or Fire TV, you can access many free channels, including 9NEWS, through a digital antenna connected to your TV. Many NBC Sports events, such as NBC Sunday Night Football, are available for free on channels 9.1 and 9.4.

Paid options

After learning that NBC Sports programming is available on multiple channels through cable or satellite companies. Some of these channels are 9NEWS, NBCSN, GOLF Channel, USA Network and Olympics Channel. You need a paid subscription to a satellite or cable provider that includes these channels to watch NBC Sports.

Paid video streaming options

Finally, NBC, NBC Sports, and Olympics programming can be streamed through various streaming providers and across NBC sites. However, these are paid options either through a cable or satellite service provider, or through a separate video streaming provider.

You can sign in to,, and with your cable or satellite credentials. Once logged in, you will be able to watch live NBC Sports programming. You can learn about system requirements for streaming NBC on computers, phones, and tablets at NBC’s FAQ site.

Many video streaming providers such as YouTube TV or Hulu + Live TV carry various NBC channels, including 9NEWS. Once you subscribe to one of these services, you will be able to watch the channels they provide.

One thing to know is that not all video streaming providers have local channels like 9NEWS. Before you choose your streaming provider, check their channel lineup to see if you’ll get your local channels. If your local NBC, 9NEWS isn’t included, you won’t be able to watch many NBC sports programming.

Peacock TV is NBC Universal’s video streaming service that offers limited live sports streams, including Sunday Night Football and the Olympics. However, sports programming is not available in the free version of the Peacock TV app. You can upgrade to a premium paid account to unlock access to NBC Sports programming available on Peacock TV.

How to watch local 9NEWS programs

9NEWS, KUSA / KTVD, broadcasts free-to-air on channels 9.1, 9.4 and 20.1. 9NEWS also broadcasts KOSI on 9.2, The Justice Network on 9.3, Quest on 9.5, Circle on 9.6, MeTV on 20.1, and Heros & Icons on 20.2. Click/tap here to find the TV broadcast schedule.

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9NEWS live local news programming, including 9NEWS Mornings and Next with Kyle Clark, and additional programs like Colorado and Company can be watched for free on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

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You can also watch 9NEWS featured stories, headlines, investigations, and on-demand documentaries on these free video streaming apps, as well as on YouTube: 9NEWS and Next with Kyle Clark.

Of course, all of our live programming and on-demand videos are available on and the 9NEWS mobile app:


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