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Keshav Krishnan guides beginners to grow via Affiliate Marketing & Niche Sites

Keshav Krishnan guides beginners to grow via Affiliate Marketing & Niche Sites
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Source: | Updated: December 10, 2021, 02:15 PM Indochina Time

As a marketing scheme, affiliate marketing involves hiring third party partners or publishers and utilizing them to generate more leads for businesses. In the modern digital age, this method of marketing has become a multi-billion dollar industry that relies on digital marketing, SEO, and analytics. Keshav Krishnan is an experienced digital marketer who helps budding bloggers become affiliate marketing experts and build niche websites through his website.

Brands like Amazon have popularized affiliate marketing through their affiliate program where bloggers or influencers receive advertising fees every time a purchase is made using their affiliate link. Today, the global affiliate marketing industry is worth over $12 billion, and affiliate spending is expected to grow by 10% in the next few years. With such a lucrative opportunity for growth on the horizon, Keshav strives to encourage young people to earn money through their websites.

Keshav has been in the digital marketing sector for over 5.5 years making him an individual with unparalleled marketing knowledge and skills. As an accomplished leader, he is now focused on helping others decipher the concepts of affiliate marketing and niche sites. At a time when e-commerce has become an integral part of people’s lives, every e-commerce merchant is ready to invest in affiliate companies that will be able to expand their audience base. Affiliates deploy innovative marketing tools such as banner ads, social media ads, text ads, and links to redirect visitors to e-commerce platforms. Keshav and have created some of the best affiliate marketing programs so that bloggers and marketers can enjoy a passive income stream. is home to some of the best pet affiliate programs and dog affiliate programs, two of the huge marketplaces for affiliate marketers.

Many beginner affiliate marketers fail to understand the role that niche sites play in the entire pay-per-performance marketing model. A strategically built niche website can increase your income from multi-faceted affiliate marketing by targeting a narrower set of audience. Keshav, who builds on his superior SEO and keyword research skills, not only builds less competitive niche websites, but also shares his knowledge with others to enable them to reap benefits from niche sites. A site built around a specific topic and publishing informative content will only bring the affiliate marketer closer to the end of the buying funnel providing a greater chance of converting visitors into buyers.

Keshav, SEO Executive, Blogger and Marketer, is on a mission to make young bloggers aware of the potential of affiliate marketing and sites that specialize in generating passive income. As part of his mission, he publishes website income reports and complete website building instructions in his YouTube channel, demonstrating his credibility as a dedicated marketer and website developer. He has a wide range of skills under his belt which includes Niche Site, SEO, SEO Copywriting, SEO Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, PPC, Google, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Press Releases, Online Advertising, Email List Building, Keyword Research, Organic Reach, and Conversion Optimization are his areas of command. Starting from a humble background, his portfolio of websites now generates thousands of dollars in income each month. So, if you are an aspiring blogger trying to hone and monetize your marketing skills, from Keshav is the best place to start.

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