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New Amazon Mobile GetLink for Social Media Affiliate Sharing

New Amazon Mobile GetLink for Social Media Affiliate Sharing
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Amazon has announced a new way to share affiliate links in social media, in comments and in direct messages, in addition to sharing content. It’s called Mobile GetLink, and it’s a way to share affiliate links on the go.

Amazon affiliate program

An affiliate program is a way to monetize content using a link called an affiliate link. The affiliate link is specifically encoded with an “Affiliate ID” that identifies that a visitor to Amazon was referred by a particular affiliate publisher (formally called an Amazon Associate) and that any subsequent sales are properly attributable to the Amazon Associate publisher.


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Traditionally, a web publisher (known as an affiliate publisher) creates content and inserts affiliate links to Amazon product pages. When a visitor to a publisher clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase on Amazon, the Amazon Associate will earn a commission.

The new Mobile GetLink program is completely different and represents a new trend in how Amazon affiliates can monetize through affiliate links.

Mobile GetLink is a different affiliate link

Amazon’s new affiliate solution differs from the traditional referral program in that it is designed to help Amazon affiliates build an affiliate link on the go.

Under the normal process, the affiliate logs into their Amazon Affiliate dashboard and creates affiliate links or download banners containing their affiliate ID and then puts them into their content.


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Within the new GetLink solution, an affiliate, while logged into the Amazon Shopping app with their affiliate login, visits the product page, and clicks Share to get the link.

Here’s how Amazon explains it:

  • Go to the product page and click Share
  • Then click Copy Associates Link
  • Get a short URL while creating your own Associates tags
  • The copied link can then be pasted into a content, comment, or direct message.

Share affiliate links in comments or direct messages

This last line indicates that the affiliate link can be shared in a social media comment or in a direct message, which is a completely different context than the traditional way where affiliate links are embedded in the content (or below a YouTube video).

A screenshot from Mobile GetLink’s post in action shows a mobile device with Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitch, Gmail, and FaceTime.

Screenshot showing where to share GetLink for mobile

There are a lot of different contexts for sharing an Amazon affiliate link.


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Availability of GetLink Mobile Mobile GetLink is currently only available in the US Amazon Store. However, it will be rolling out to more countries soon.

GetLink mobile sharing functionality is only available on iOS mobile devices. It’s not available for Android mobile devices, but Amazon plans to roll out Mobile GetLink to other mobile platforms within months.

Mobile GetLink is automatically activated within the Shopping app when the affiliate is registered with the Amazon Company ID credential.

Some affiliates have multiple Amazon identifiers linked to specific websites for the purpose of tracking the source of sales.


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Affiliates with multiple sharing IDs for partners can pick and choose which ID will be used when sharing. keeps up with the times

It could be argued that the change of was a reflection of how people share content today.

Social media and messaging apps have become a popular way to share content such as videos, news and other information, bypassing sharing links in blog posts.

This update of the Amazon Affiliate Program allows affiliates to share affiliate links and earn money within the most common contexts of how users communicate online.


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Create and share affiliate links on the go


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