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Pinterest introduces shoppable TV feature

Pinterest introduces shoppable TV feature
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Pinterest continues to roll out new ecommerce tools.

The visually oriented social network has revealed Pinterest TV, A series of live, original, and shopped episodes featuring creators on Pinterest. Pinterest TV episodes are updated every day of the week and will be recorded and made available for users to view on demand, as well as save and rewatch later.

Starting Monday, November 8, episodes will air Monday through Friday at 3 PM PT 6 PM ET in the US on iOS and Android. Every Friday, products will drop in at a live shopping venue, featuring discounts from brands including All Birds, Crown Affair, Melody Ehsani, Outdoor Voices and Mented.

On Pinterest TV, content creators can display and tag products so that consumers can shop and buy from the retailer’s site. Hosts will have a shopping toolbox to enable live shopping experiences including a product drawer with prices and product details, product drops and brand collaborations, a display of how much is left, and a time-limited display unit to offer discounts.

To view Pinterest TV, users can click the TV icon in rhe The top left corner of the Pinterest app to view episodes, interact with hosts, ask questions via chat, and get live answers. Pinterest TV will be launched with Pinterest creators and brands. Along with Pinterest TV, Pinterest is also launching a virtual studio where Pinterest producers work directly with each creator to develop unique content, provide “behind the scenes” audio/visual support, and go live with episodes.

According to Pinterest, creators who hosted Pinterest TV episodes during the beta phase “dramatically” increased their followers on its platform, with some creators more than doubling the follower count after a live episode.

The launch of Pinterest TV follows the recent release of a new suite of digital commerce capabilities. This includes many new features of Idea Pins, which are initially shoppable video Pins rolled In July 2021.

Pinterest is integrating Idea Pins with Augmented Reality (AR) AR Try on the tool. Released in January 2020, AR Try on allows consumers to virtually try different cosmetic products. This new ability allows creators to tag their Idea Pins with a new “try on” label to add lip products, allowing users to experience shopping and shopping directly from the Idea Pin. To access the new feature, creators can select the try label and search over 10,000 try-enabled product links to add it to their Idea Pin.

The company is also integrating Idea Pins with the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate marketing offering. This will enable US creators to add affiliate links from a variety of millions of Amazon products and earn a commission on eligible purchases.

Additionally, creators now have the option to make their Idea Pins automatically shoppable by enabling shopping recommendations on their Idea Pins. The new Shop Similar feature uses Pinterest’s visual search technology to recommend product Pins that are visually similar to the content within the Pin, giving Pinners the ability to shop what they see.

With this new feature, Pinterest makes it possible to visually search for video content for the first time. In addition, the new Watch and Browse tabs are full-screen feeds of Idea Pins that consumers can scroll through, tailored to their tastes and preferences.

A new feature called Takes allows Idea Pin creators to interact with consumers. User responses will return the creators’ original idea pins, and creators can also highlight specific responses. Build more meaningful engagement with their communities and inspire them to act.

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