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PPE Provider Thrives on Influencers (and Hollywood)

PPE Provider Thrives on Influencers (and Hollywood)
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Roman Zrazevsky’s Mira Safety Company sells gas masks. Launched in 2018, it targets consumers, medical providers, law enforcement, and the military. Masks protect against tear gases, chemicals and viruses. However, reaching the horizons was a challenge.

“We did a lot of affiliate marketing,” Zrazhevskiy told me. We reached out to industry experts and said, ‘We’d love for you to check out our product and write an unbiased review. “

Fast forward to 2021, and Mira Safety is booming. Covid-19 has created unprecedented demand. But Zrazhevskiy’s influencer marketing program spread the word. The Hollywood movie added more exposure.

He and I recently discussed his trip. Our entire audio chat is included below. The following text is edited for length and clarity.

Eric Bandholz: I think 2020 and 2021 were good for Mira Safety.

Roman Zrazevsky: Yes, we’ve had incredible years.

Bandholz: How did people find you?

Zrazhevskiy: It was one step at a time. We started selling on Amazon. We transferred the money we earned on Amazon to build a powerful website. And we did a lot of influencer affiliate marketing. We reached out to industry experts and said, “We’d love for you to check out our product and write an unbiased review, whatever you feel about the product.” We are very confident. We stand behind everything we sell.

The most important thing is to have a superior product, know the market, and what else is out there. All the influencers who received it were like, “Wow, that’s cool.” We manufacture for a defense contractor, who has been making similar products since the 1920s or so.

Bandholz: How does influencer marketing for personal protective equipment work?

Zrazhevskiy: I went through a process called research hacking, where I put myself in the shoes of someone who is searching for this product, searching for a product like this, and seeing who is talking about products like this and who the major players are.

For gas masks, I’d search on Google for “best gas masks”, “gas masks for kids” – all these variations of the keywords. I would like to include in a spreadsheet all the blogs I’ve found. Then I will personally communicate with each one. I would like to describe our product and invite them to join our affiliate program.

It is necessary to be transparent. Give them the resources they need to write quality content, including high-quality images and technical specifications. Send them a product. We give them access to our agent folder that contains product-by-product information, 360-degree images, and everything.

Influencer awareness has a ripple effect. When a few big guys tick you off, others want it. Now we get great people reaching out saying, “I love your brand. I love what you guys are doing. I think my audience is going to accept this. They will love knowing more about it. Can you send me something, and I’ll create some content?”

Bandholz: Do you have requirements, such as a minimum number of followers or domain rank?

Zrazhevskiy: Yes. Twenty thousand followers per channel with interaction. We are looking for someone strong in at least one channel. It’s rare to be strong across all channels. Our deciding factor is whether they create quality content. We’ll use some of this content and break it down into ads later. Nobody had a problem with that.

For example, I might take their video and cut it into small segments of ads on Facebook. It has been a success for us. We don’t have to produce the content ourselves.

With advertising, you have to keep creating new content. If you stop, your ads die. Then Facebook sees that engagement is declining, and they penalize you because they assume the ad is no longer relevant to the audience.

Creating content takes a full time person. Targeting is easy. What is difficult is producing designs.

Bandholz: Back to influencers. You communicate one by one. What are your goals?

Zrazhevskiy: I will decide every day what to work on. I’ll wake up and decide, for example, to focus on the influential stuff. I’m going to do a full day of influencer sprints – searching, networking, sending a bunch of emails.

I will be creating a series of templates. I customize those templates. I started communicating via email. I keep a pipeline of these HubSpot influencers as a bargain. This way I know who I’ve reached. I take notes if they respond. My goal is to move it from outreach sent to products submitted for published review.

We work with an influential VIP agency. They have gatekeepers, porters. With the big players, you have to pay for the videos, and they create the content. There is no guarantee of performance.

Bandholz: How many emails do you send each day?

Zrazhevskiy: About 20 to 30. It’s all about quality, not quantity. You don’t want to explode and make mistakes and write something impersonal or poorly read.

I am a student of NLP. I write things a certain way, then test it with response. I try to formulate my messages to elicit a response.

Bandholz: Which subject lines get the most response?

Zrazhevskiy: One of the main ones is “Product review with 15% commission.” Tell the influencer what I want and the commission percentage.

Sometimes I negotiate percentages, but it’s usually 10%-15%. The people we really want we’ll give 15% to. But almost 95% of influencers get a 10% commission.

Bandholz: What affiliate programs do you recommend?

Zrazhevskiy: For anything outdoors – camping, hiking, fitness – I would choose AvantLink. It is an affiliate network. AvantLink has tracking technology. They show click rates, earnings per click, everything. They make 3% on every sale.

Some affiliate networks take more, some take less. But the most important factor is finding a strong network in your niche. For my place, it’s AvantLink.

Bandholz: How often are commissions paid?

Zrazhevskiy: Per month. AvantLink takes its stake and pays influencers.

I was going to mention another benefit of affiliate marketing beyond instant sales. It is a form of social proof. I put affiliate videos on my product pages.

Give your visitors all the research they need on those pages there and then. I present to them the FAQ section, which delves into common questions. I give them my Instagram feed, which contains the product on Instagram in use by customers. I include a 360 degree spin. Most importantly, I include my YouTube feed. Some of our product pages contain 15 videos of influencers. Also, I include user generated reviews.

This strategy has worked for us. We provide so much information that someone can spend hours on this product page without having to look elsewhere.

Bandholz: Can we talk about your Hollywood win?

Zrazhevskiy: surely. In May 2019, I received a voicemail from Warner Brothers. At first I thought it was a scam. But I called. I spoke to a lady, who specializes in product placement for Warner Brothers. She said they were working on a new movie for Christopher Nolan, the director of Initiation.

She named the new movie “Merry Go Round”. This was the title of the work. She said Chris loves our mask.

Then we negotiated. It is essential to negotiate terms before submitting anything, even if it is an exciting opportunity, especially in Hollywood. You must have everything to write. We negotiated the credits. At first they didn’t want to include us in the credits. We insisted. We sent them about 300 masks and filters. That’s a lot considering that each one retails for $250. But it was a dream come true, it was a once in a lifetime thing. So we sent them the products. The movie was released in 2020. It’s a science fiction called “Tenite”.

Bandholz: it is a wonderful movie.

Zrazhevskiy: surely. A 10-minute clip in the film showed 300 people in a battle scene wearing our masks. It has been shown to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Bandholz: The whole premise of the movie was wearing those masks.

Zrazhevskiy: Yes exactly. It’s a blessing. I feel like it was God who shaped that whole opportunity. It was an exciting and humbling experience. It’s incredible. Since then, we have three to four more films, the most important ones, that will feature our masks.

Bandholz: How can listeners learn more about you and your company and connect with you?

Zrazhevskiy: Our site is We’re on Instagram @MIRASafety or #MIRASafety. I’m on LinkedIn.

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