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The 7 Best Bath Towels to Buy on Amazon

The 7 Best Bath Towels to Buy on Amazon
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Similar to shopping for mattresses, pillows, or bed sheets on Amazon, the problem with buying bath towels through the e-commerce giant is not finding a bath towel to buy, but rather finding a bath towel to buy. Hassan one to buy. Amazon returns over 20,000 results when you search for “bath towels,” and it’s not an exaggeration to point out that the vast majority of results aren’t created equal. This means that most of them use inferior materials, play marketing tricks on shoppers and are not worth your money.

To ensure you get what you’re looking for, we recommend avoiding microfiber towels, as they typically take longer to dry than a standard cotton towel, in part due to the very tight fabric (some users have reported microfibers irritating their skin as well). To this end, cotton towels are best for most people; The material is light, quick drying and absorbent a lot. There are subcategories within cotton as well, such as Egyptian, Turkish or Supima. We’ll cover the strengths and drawbacks of each and recommend the best options for the stake.

Best Bath Towels on Amazon

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The best Egyptian cotton towels

Cala Angel Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel

Companies tout the unique greatness of Egyptian cotton in their bath towel selection on Amazon, but it pays to know that Egyptian cotton is not objectively superior to cotton from the United States, Turkey, or other cotton-producing countries. It has earned a reputation for consistent quality over the years, but it is by no means a magical material. Like Supima, Egyptian cotton fibers are much longer than most, which gives it greater tensile strength and long-term durability. However, this quality comes at a slightly high price. A Calla Angel Extra Heavy Egyptian Cotton Towel costs about $40 per towel, which is much more expensive than any towel on this list and most towels in general. You get what you pay for.

Best hotel-like bath towels

Luxury classic white bath towel set

Overall, what makes bath towels great is the balance between high-quality materials and long-lasting, economical design. This means that almost all of them use towels that are made of long-staple cotton (which is very durable) and are usually thinner than the towels most people use at home. This thinness also makes it easy to fold and store if you don’t have much. This set, from a company called White Classic, is close to this hotel standard, and can be had for $50 per package.

Best waffle weave towels

Onsen . Towel Set

Most bath towels are thick and heavy cotton. Onsen waffle towels are not. Instead, they’re woven thinner and a bit lighter than regular towels, making them light and quick to dry. And because the towels feature many honeycomb-like pores, they have a slight exfoliating effect when used. The Onsen variety on waffle towel is made from 100% Supima Cotton, a high-quality material grown in the United States known for its exceptionally long fibers, which lend it durability. This set comes with a bath towel, hand towel and face towel.

Best woven towels

Great Bay Cotton Quick Dry Towel Set

Knitted towels are a preference rather than a performance boost, and that’s totally fine. It’s the perfect solution for people who don’t like an ultra-soft towel. This four-pack set from Great Bay (about $14 per towel) is made of 100 percent cotton and provides the gentle respite of fluffy, fluffy towels. It’s also a good size (30 by 52 inches) and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, meaning you can be sure nothing funky goes under the seams.

Best Popcorn Weave Towels

Great Bay Popcorn Weave Quick Dry Towel Set

Weave popcorn is another type of towel with texture. Unlike patterned or cross-shade towels, popcorn weave towels don’t appear patterned, so if you’re averse to patterns or prefer a simpler look, they may be the right choice. If anything, the aesthetic of the towel is more like a more compact version of a waffle weave. This four-pack ($12.50 per towel) set is made of 100 percent cotton and available in a number of colors.

Most velor towels

Cotton Bath Towel Set Made Here

If you’re looking for the classic, ultra-thick and soft… look no further. These made in the USA are heavy, thick cotton washcloths. The set comes with a pair of bath towels, hand towels, and towels each.

Best quick drying towels

Everplush Diamond Jacquard Quick Dry Bath Towel

Every other bath towel on this list is 100% cotton. This one is a blend of cotton and microfiber, because microfiber, despite some of its downsides, is exceptionally absorbent (this towel is meant to absorb more than eight times its weight, for example). To get around the slower-drying microfiber, Everplush made the towel a little thinner than usual, which serves the material selection well.

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