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The Best Identity Management Books on Amazon

The Best Identity Management Books on Amazon
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Solution review finds the best identity management books available on Amazon right now. You need to add these to your collection today.

There are many valuable resources that security companies can use to improve and maintain their employees’ skills and industry experience. However, if you’re looking for something to help a newcomer get started or want something for your team to do together, there are few better options than a good book. To help you find the right title to use as an educational resource, our editors have researched some of the best identity management books on Amazon and highlighted some of them below.

These books are intended for beginners and experts alike and have been written by authors who are proficient and/or recognized in the field of cyber security.

Best Identity Management Books Available Now

book title: Identity management: a business perspective

Our advice: Graham Williamson has 27 years of experience in the IT industry, with experience in identity management. This text is a clear project source.

Describe: For business managers and executives, managing identity data for employees, contractors, business partners, and customers has become an important core capability. This practical guide discusses the effects of identity management on organizations from an entrepreneur’s perspective. This book will help managers and CIOs understand: • Automating identity provision in access control systems • How to assess the maturity of the identity management environment • The difference between authentication and authorization • Why Unified Authentication is so important and how to get it right.

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book title: Consumer identity and access management: design essentials

Our advice: Simon Moffatt is a recognized expert in the field of digital identity and access management, who has spent nearly 20 years working in the sector. Comes through the book.

Describe: Modern organizations not only need to meet requirements for end-user privacy, security, and usability, but also need to provide business enabling opportunities that are resilient and can respond to market changes quickly. The modern enterprise architect and CISO are no longer solely focused on the internal security of employees – they now need to address the growing need for digital empowerment across consumers and citizens as well. A CISO and Architect’s View on Designing the Building Blocks for a Scalable, Secure, and Usable Consumer Access and Identity Management System (CIAM). Coverage: business objectives, drivers, requirements, CIAM lifecycle, implementer toolkit for standards, design principles, and vendor selection guidelines.

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book title: The Identity Management Solution in Modern Applications: Demystifying OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and SAML 2.0

Our advice: Yvonne Wilson and Abhishek Hingnikar have extensive experience in software development and identity management. Their expertise is evident throughout the text.

Describe: This book takes you from managing accounts to authentication to authorization, and covers troubleshooting and common problems to avoid. The authors include predictions about why this may be more important in the future. Application best practices are provided with coding samples. Identity and access management solution in modern applications It gives you what you need to design identity and access management for your applications and describe them to stakeholders with confidence. You will be able to explain account creation, session and access management, account termination, and more.

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book title: Digital Identity: Uncovering Identity Management Architecture (IMA)

Our advice: Philip C. Wendley is an associate professor of computer science at Brigham Young University.

Describe: Some companies are beginning to rethink how they provide security, so that interactions with customers, employees, partners and suppliers are richer and more flexible. Digital ID explains how to do this. This book details an important concept known as Identity Management Architecture (IMA): a way to provide adequate protection while giving good people access to critical information and systems. In today’s service-oriented economy, digital identity is everything. IMA is a cohesive, enterprise-wide set of standards, policies, certification, and management activities that enable companies like yours to effectively manage digital identity – not just as a security check, but as a way to expand services and identify customer needs.

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book title: Drafting the InfoSec Handbook: Security Monitoring and Incident Response Master Plan

Our advice: The authors of this particular text come from information security investigative backgrounds, with experience exactly what information security operations center could benefit from.

Describe: Any good attacker will tell you that expensive security monitoring and prevention tools are not enough to keep you safe. This practical book demonstrates a data-centric approach to extracting the ideas of complex security monitoring, incident response, and threat analysis into their core elements. You will learn how to develop your own threat intelligence and incident detection strategy, rather than relying on security tools alone. Written by members of the Cisco Computer Security Incident Response Team, this book shows IT and information security professionals how to create an InfoSec directory by developing strategy, technology, and architecture.

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book title: Biometric Identity Management: Explore the latest innovative solutions to provide secure identification and authentication

Our advice: Lisa Bock is an experienced author with a proven history of working in the e-learning industry, particularly in identity management. It is a reference in authentication.

Authentication booksDescribe: Starting with an overview of biometrics, you’ll learn about the different uses and applications of biometrics in financial technology, buildings, border control, and many other areas. You’ll understand the characteristics of an optimal biometric system and then review different types of errors and discover the benefits of multi-factor authentication. You will also be able to handle biometric system analysis for ease of use, accuracy, and understanding of the implementation, testing and deployment process, along with addressing privacy concerns. The book demonstrates the importance of protecting biometric data with encryption and shows you the factors to consider and how to analyze them before investing in biometric technologies.

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book title: Access Control and Identity Management (Information Systems Security and Assurance)

Our advice: Mike Chapel is the Senior Director of IT Service Delivery at the University of Notre Dame. This is an in-depth text for cybersecurity students.

Description: Refined and updated with the latest data from this fast-paced field, access control and identity management identifies the components of access control, provides a framework for implementation, and discusses legal requirements affecting access control software. With a focus on identity management and security, this new edition examines the risks, threats and vulnerabilities prevalent in information systems and IT infrastructures and how to deal with them. This valuable resource provides students and professionals with details and procedures for implementing access control systems as well as for managing and testing those systems.

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