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The Best Massage Guns on Amazon Right Now

The Best Massage Guns on Amazon Right Now
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The highest levels of exercise often come with the dips: fatigue, muscle soreness, and tightness. Fortunately, after a workout you shouldn’t feel this way. Massage guns have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, and for good reason: They are affordable, portable, and provide (almost) instant relief after an intense workout. From the most advanced to the entry level, here are the best massage guns you can buy on Amazon.

better overall

Five speeds, four attachments and an ergonomic design allow you to reach 90 percent of your body together in this small but powerful package. The Ekrin Quiet Glide Noise Reduction Technology reduces the annoying noise of most massage guns, and for the quality, the price point is hard to beat.

Best premium massage gun

bluetooth connection? Check. Multiple speed and attachment options? Check. Six hours of massive battery life? Triple check. Weighing just three pounds, the Hypervolt Plus is also TSA approved and ready to accompany you at home or on the go.

Best value massage gun

At under $100, the Dynasphere is a quality massage gun for a killer deal. Featuring a 13mm barrel (standard rifles come with the 8-10), and a 66-pound stopping power, it’s very powerful. Other features include a protective case, one-button control and an ergonomic handle.

The most comfortable design

The Theragun is one of the more recognizable names in this category, and its Elite model lives up to the hype. The proprietary QX65 motor maintains a quiet yet powerful massage, and the internal lithium-ion battery doubles the life of the gun, up to two hours of continuous use.

The quietest massage gun

SmoothDrive technology makes the Hydragun one of the quietest massage guns on the market, so you can focus on recovery. The high-torque 3200-rpm motor delivers a powerful massage, while six speed settings and six attachment heads allow you to choose exactly the way you want.

The most readable LCD screen

Fusion gives you relief from intense workouts, without breaking the budget. The brushless motor delivers 3300 beats per minute without looking like a small jackhammer. Twenty levels of intensity and six attachments provide everything from a light massage to deep tissue restoration work.

The best mid-range option

Not too expensive, and not too cheap. The Toloco massage gun sits right in the middle of the pack, giving you exactly what you need without the frills or distractions. Enjoy 20 speed levels, 10 unique attachments and an ergonomic silicone grip that keeps slippage to a minimum.

The easiest to use massage gun

Work on contract and tension with Obov. The M3 Pro Max offers respectable stats, in a small package. The brushless motor keeps noise low, while the 15mm of capacity and 55lbs of stopping power keep the recovery rate high. Remove it in the carrying case that came with it, and get ready to heal on the go.

Most attachments included

Darkeron massage gun

With nearly 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon, this massage gun will deliver. For a cool $99, you get four adjustable speed levels, a 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery and 10 massage heads, plus a storage bag. Promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue and soreness, and recover faster and at a lower cost.

The most expensive massage gun

The Hardnex is the most affordable gun on our list, it’s lightweight and easy to use. The touchscreen allows for simple operation, and fast charging times mean you don’t have to delay recovery.

Best percussion massage guns of 2021

Recovery is crucial, and these muscle-stripping tools are here for it.

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