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The best maternity leggings in every price range

The best maternity leggings in every price range
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Physical discomfort aside, there are plenty of fun things to go with pregnancy: decorating the nursery, choosing a name, shopping for impossibly small clothes, partying with friends and family, making use of parking spaces for expectant mothers, receiving a little extra kindness from loved ones and strangers, And connect with pregnant women and mothers during this incomparable phase of life.

Not on that list? Shopping for pants – or trying to make pants you already own for a full 40 weeks. Admittedly, until I entered my third trimester (from my first pregnancy) a few weeks ago, my plan was simply to avoid the pants issue entirely by wearing baggy dresses, baggy buttons, and baggy shorts exclusively. But then in October, and even here in Texas, we’ve had some cool mornings that make the extra leg coverage seem nice. With about two months to go and cooler weather on the horizon, I’ve officially changed my attitude to pants. And since I’ve always been biased towards leggings, I’ve focused my efforts on finding the best maternity leggings.

Like pretty much anything else related to pregnancy, I reached out to a few trusted sources with toddlers and good taste to discover the maternity leggings they’ve relied on throughout their pregnancy.

lululemon alignment high rise pants

pant alignment



More than one of the women surveyed said her favorite maternity leggings don’t actually count as “maternity”: lululemon’s Align High-Rise Pants, which retail for $98-$118. Between three lengths (25″, 28″, and 31″), eight sizes (ranging from 0 to 14), and nearly 30 colors and patterns currently available (including camouflage, floral, and solid), these socks are customizable. significantly.

Lululemon accurately describes it as “soft and lightweight,” designed for yoga (read: stretchy!) and machine wash and dry safe (low). Like other products from the brand, these pants may be pricey, but you get the high quality you pay for. Best of all, they may still be your favorite pair even after your little one arrives – with just a little more room at the top, of course.

Yogalicious High Waist Ultra-Soft & Lightweight Leggings

Yogalicious High Waist Ultra-Soft & Lightweight Leggings

Yogalicious High Waist Ultra-Soft & Lightweight Leggings



Similar to the lululemon Align High-Rise Leggings, Yogalicious’s ultra-lightweight, high-waisted, lightweight leggings aren’t specifically marketed for pregnant women. Still, these come highly recommended as maternity leggings. Priced between $19 and $50, you can’t expect these pants to be as durable as lulus, but they’re nearly as comfortable, made from four-way stretch fabric, fitted with gentle compression, and meant to feel “like you’re wearing nothing at all!”

This Yogalicious legging is available in two lengths (full/28″ and ankle/25″), five sizes (XS through XL), and over 20 colors that include neutral and vibrant shades. Regardless of whether you are expecting or not, a yoga enthusiast or not, these pants are definitely worth a try.

2XU Prenatal Active Compression Socks

Active Prenatal Socks

Active Prenatal Socks


As a professional athlete, I was excited to discover that a reputable sports brand (2XU) sells similarly manufactured and similarly priced active prenatal compression tights, priced at $114.95, to traditional compression tights. These tights feature graduated compression that’s claimed to promote blood flow and provide relief from tired, swollen legs and feet, and are made with moisture-wicking yarns that aid perspiration.

What makes the Active Prenatal Compression Socks unique is the seamless stomach panel that covers the abdomen, and is designed to provide support, comfort, and grow by your side. Even though I’m training less intensely than usual at the moment, I know my body is working harder than ever. The 2XU Prenatal Compression Socks are an active pregnant woman’s dream.

GapFit Full Length Leggings in Sculpting Compression

GapFit Maternity Full Length Leggings in Sculpting Compression

GapFit Maternity Full Length Leggings in Sculpting Compression



GAP maternity clothing is something you must see, so it’s no surprise that a pair of GAP leggings made it to this list. The Maternity GapFit Full Length Pants in Sculpt Compression are a good choice from sundown to sundown, including while you’re doing any good exercise (just make sure you do your research and get your doctor’s OK). That’s because it’s made of high-performance breathable materials with a compression element, 4-way stretch, soft waistband, and chafe-free seams.

Currently on sale for $41 (originally $69.95), these maternity leggings come in a limited color choice (camo blue, snake print, and black), and are offered in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. As a bonus, my friend who recommended them wore them throughout her pregnancy, plus about a month after giving birth too.

Old Navy Maternity Panel Full Leggings

Maternity full leggings 2 pack

Maternity full leggings 2 pack

ancient marine


Contrary to popular belief, comfortable maternity leggings don’t have to be expensive. For proof, check out the full-panel maternity leggings from Old Navy. The bestseller comes in at $29.99 for a 2-pack (which includes either two blacks or one black and charcoal gray) and receives top marks from pregnant women.

With an elasticated waistband and lightweight breathable jersey, these pants can be worn with a cute top or dressed down on a mission or trail. Since they’re more than 50% cotton (plus 36% polyester and 11% spandex), they’re not as form-fitting as many other track pants—which is an advantage for some women. Nor will they be the softest pants I’ve ever worn, nor the longest. But for the price, even if it’s just a seasonal “splurge,” Old Navy maternity leggings are easy on me.

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