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This Is How to Get the Best Prices on Amazon

This Is How to Get the Best Prices on Amazon
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When it comes to shopping on Amazon, one of the biggest questions to consider is whether or not you’re getting the best price. Prices on the online retailer change regularly, and rise and fall according to the notification of the algorithm. This leads to a complex mess that is difficult to analyze. Far from keeping track of a new price every day, it’s nearly impossible to verify that the price you see is the lowest (or even an adequate) price in the product lifecycle. To make matters even more confusing, many products on Amazon are sold by Amazon itself or any number of third-party sellers, which can lead to a long list of different prices for the same product all over the Internet.

With Peak Day 2021 on June 21-22, there is no more important time to have all the pricing information on hand. If you’re looking to upgrade your TV or get a new set of headphones, Prime Day is a great time to do so. But with so many deals to make, browsing the site for the best can be overwhelming. That’s why we are in gear patrolAnd many others, use the free tool CamelCamelCamel to understand whether or not something is a great deal on Amazon. Here’s how to use the tool to get the best rates, no matter how many modifications are made.

What are you doing

The free tool basically identifies the history of Amazon prices and discounts for any product you can find. Hailed as one of the best Amazon price trackers, it also allows you to set notifications for price drops on any product listed on Amazon. This is very useful if you are shopping for a specific product and just want to hold off until the best deal is available.

Browser Extension

The easiest and best way to use CamelCamel is through a browser extension. When you head to the website for the first time, you will be asked to create a free account. Once you do that, your browser will reload and give you the opportunity to add the extension to your browser. Install the extension, follow the instructions to head over to Amazon and CamelCamelCamel will take over from there. The tutorial in the extension removes any confusion and makes the whole process seem much easier than you think.

Historical pricing

At your fingertips, you will have a graph of historical prices for Amazon along with third-party sellers and the opportunity to set your desired price which will result in an email notification. You will also see Amazon’s price history for the product and will be able to compare current prices between sellers. To switch to a different product, simply head over to a different product page within Amazon and the extension will automatically reload with all the new details – it’s super easy.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr coffee grinder price history chart. The green line is the Amazon price, the blue line is the new third-party price, and the red is the third-party price used.

camel camel camel

In the end, you just want the best deal. With the CamelCamelCamel extension installed, you never have to wonder if you are getting the best price because you can see for yourself. If you love shopping on Amazon and love getting the best prices, don’t go another day without it.

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